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Charlie Williams Mediator Consultant, Telephonic Conciliations, Construction Arbitration and Facilitations, the United States of America and its Allies

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Attorneys refer to Charlie Williams as the Magic Man because of his ability to communicate and analyze the issues. He remains neutral and assist the parties in obtaining resolutions in General Jurisdiction and Complex Cases (multiple Plaintiffs and Defendants).  This saves a large amount of Court time and expense for their clients.

We provide paid MEDIATION SERVICES at the following rates:
$300.00 PER HOUR OR $2,400.00 PER DAY MINIMUM
Divided Equally

Telephonic Mediation's and or Conciliation's at the following rate of $200.00 per hour minimum divided equally

Complex Mediation Cases, Mediators Fee will be on a Case by Case Basis


Private and Public Agencies or Individuals
Federal Aviation Administration Mediator
Los Angeles Superior Court ADR Mediator

Small Claims Jurisdiction Cases

Limited Jurisdiction Civil Cases

Un-Limited Jurisdiction Civil Cases
Los Angeles City Attorney DRP Mediator

Los Angeles Superior Court ADR Mediator and Communicator
Court Mandated Mediations
General Jurisdiction Civil Cases
Limited Jurisdiction Civil Cases
Small Claims Jurisdiction Cases
Court ADR ( Alternative Dispute Resolution) Civil Party Select (Party Pay) Panel
Random Select Panel
Pro Bono Panel

Currently teaching Contract License Law Examination Review at Glendale Community College, Glendale, CA
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Commercial Pilots License

● Flight Instructors Certificate

● Single & Multi Engine Land Airplanes

● Co-Pilot on D-18s PHX to LAX

● Trained on DC 6s

Mediations, Consultations, Conciliations, Negotiations, Facilitations and
 [Construction Arbitrations (Private Non-Binding) ]
We provide assistance for a Diverse Population to resolve their Disputes and Conflicts.
Alternative Dispute Resolution Services provide You the opportunity avoid costly"Litigation".
Strategic Planning and Crisis Management of Conflict in Government, Workplace, Labor Unions, Business to Business, Consumer to Business, Sports-Mediations, Contracts, ADR Tribunal, Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury,
Owner-Contractor and Sub-Contractor Fraud issues and the Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict
Foreclosure Mediations,Negotiations and Facilitations;
Conflict Resolution and early preventative measures, Dispute Resolution,
Conflict Management of un-necessary turnover in employment, absences and always late arriving to work or scheduled appointments
Court Mandated Mediations
Telephonic Conciliations are available for Court Summons, Collections, Mediations and Telephonic Conciliation Resolutions
Mediation and Conflict Management
Dispute Resolution
Public and Private Agencies
Incorporated and Un-incorporated Agencies
Facilitations for large groups
Resolution in the Organization
Business to Business issues

Consumer-Merchant issues

Critical Situation Prevention

On Site Services

Labor to Business Mediations

Litigated Cases




Foreclosure Mediations, Negotiations and Facilitations


Forensic Mediations

Safety-Security issues
Traffic Accidents


Business to Business

Merchant and Consumer


Building Contractor/Sub-Contractor/Property Owner

Real Estate

Personal Injury

Sports Mediations

Job-site Accidents

Workers Compensation Claims

Employment-Labor issues

Corporation to Labor Union issues

Multi-Cultural issues

Sexual Harassment issues

Equal Employment Opportunity issues

Dispute and Conflict Resolution Services

Medical Services Mediations

Court Mandated Mediations

Employment-Labor issues

Corporation - Labor Union issues

Multi - Cultural issues

Sexual Harassment issues

Equal Employment Opportunity issues

Dispute and Conflict Resolution Services







Charlie Williams
Los Angeles Superior Court ADR Mediator
928 North San Fernando Boulevard, Suite J-122 Burbank, California 91504-4350
Phone: (213) 819-4097
Fax-Phone: (818) 951-3663





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